Not Cheap Not Expensive

Tyabb Packing House Antiques is not a trash and treasure market. This is not something we have ever been, even when we were at Moorooduc as the Moorooduc Antiques & Old Wares. We are not a flea market or a Sunday market.

We have experts whose experience in antiques, old wares, Art Deco, vintage, retro, industrial, jewellery, technical, printed matter, paintings and everything either side of this covers more than 500 years of experience. We have over 20 dealers, many of whom have been trading for 40+ years, even our youngest dealer has been in and around the business for over 20 years. 

All the items for sale at Tyabb Packing House Antiques has been collected, curated, provenance established, cleaned, polished and prepared for you. There is a wealth of experience and knowledge to be gained from the dealers, should you want a Yashica Lynx camera, a mahogany partner's desk, an industrial curio, or text exploring an Arctic voyage in 1877.

Occasionally online, it has been commented upon that we are not cheap. 

There are very few locations within Australia where experts in such a great many fields are collected together, with all their wares for sale, prepared for you to take home. 

Each of our dealers is running their own business, they are knowledgable and there to help. None of this knowledge is on computer, not even the books, it is all through knowledge and experience. Everything for sale has been prepared for sale using that knowledge and experience. 

There are few retail experiences where you will experience this attention to detail and knowledge in the 21st century.

We are not expensive, nor are we cheap. There are traders in Melbourne and elsewhere who can and will charge a great deal more for similar items that are for sale at Tyabb Packing House Antiques. The price they charge is also reflective of their location, skill and experience.

Most of our dealers are open to negotiation, we are not a traditional new retailer where the ticket price is set in stone. Some stock may be in our dealers' possession for a long time, or they may have new stock awaiting to go into their space, and therefore may be motivated to do a good deal to sell items. 

We are not cheap, we are not expensive either, not for the knowledge and experience that is provided, not the for items which are ready to be used, enjoyed or experienced. We are not a trash and treasure shop, we provide quality items, with the knowledge and experience to back up these items.